We're your team.
We’re a group of seasoned marketing and creative professionals who have worked at some of the biggest agencies in the ad business for some of the best-known companies in the world. We include the art directors and designers at The Visualab and the coders at DevSavvy – all part of the team for more than eight years. Other team members have been with us for at least three years.

Andy Suggs

Creative Director & The Visualab Co-founder

Andy is an art director who thinks beyond pretty pictures. He believes in strategy first. Otherwise, what do the pictures mean? Andy’s strategic approach to art direction is what brought him and Sue together in the first place.

At The Visualab, which he co-founded with Dana Mabey, he has attracted a staff of talented strategically minded designers and art directors, each of them with their own style, each ready to put the magic into your marketing communications.

If you work with Andy, you will notice that while he always focuses on the big idea, he doesn’t miss a thing. In the end, Andy doesn’t just create pretty pictures. He builds brands.

“Most companies miss out on many branding opportunities through poor execution, lack of consistency and not truly understanding their position within their industry. Beyond looking good, designs must help a company grow.”