Superus (Soo-pare’-us)
Latin, Adjective;
Definition: above, high, greatest,
highest, higher, upper, of this world
Marketing Power for Hire
Do you know you need help but can’t justify the investment in a full-time marketing director and in-house marketing department?
Are you happy with
the amount of qualified leads you are getting?
Are you spending time on your marketing
that you’d rather be spending on running your company?
The marketing help you need – however and whenever you need it.
High-level agency-quality marketing services without the high-level price tag. When you hire Superus, you get your very own seasoned, mature, experienced marketing director who is 100% accountable to you but works for you only as needed based on your growing company’s changing requirements. Behind your Superus marketing director is a team of senior copywriters, art directors, designers and media planners. LEARN MORE HERE

  • Responsive
    Proactive Team

  • Senior Level Network
    & Creative Team

  • No Contracts
    No Commitment

  • Best of Both Worlds
    Marketing Solution

  • Saves $ vs. In-House
    Marketing Team

  • 100% Accountability
    We Work for You

We may be part-time, but we’re 100% experienced, capable and accountable.

To help you achieve your goals and manage your costs, we offer you only what you need when you need it. No retainer. No contract. You pay only for what we execute for you every month. As a result, we will work to earn your business day-by-day, project by project.