We're your team.
We’re a group of seasoned marketing and creative professionals who have worked at some of the biggest agencies in the ad business for some of the best-known companies in the world. We include the art directors and designers at The Visualab and the coders at DevSavvy – all part of the team for more than eight years. Other team members have been with us for at least three years.

Brian Jardine

Digital Development & Solutions Specialist

You can’t have a functioning website till a coder brings the art director’s designs to life. But not all web programmers are created equal. Art directors love having Brian code their websites because unlike other website developers, Brian is also a graphic designer. Not just a digital techie, Brian knows how to make each website come alive to fulfill the vision of its creators.

A native of South Africa, Brian is the founder of DevSavvy. Since 2006, his company has developed hundreds of websites, from e-commerce to e-brochures. Brian is backed by Deric Hicks, whom some call “a coding genius.” Brian and Deric together can make just about any idea work.

“I enjoy solving problems through powerful digital solutions. Websites, video, and online applications have the ability to convey clear messages and reach target audiences better than anything else I know.”