We're your team.
We’re a group of seasoned marketing and creative professionals who have worked at some of the biggest agencies in the ad business for some of the best-known companies in the world. We include the art directors and designers at The Visualab and the coders at DevSavvy – all part of the team for more than eight years. Other team members have been with us for at least three years.

Sue Silva

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

While an account executive at international mega-agencies Young & Rubicam and BBDO, as well as several smaller regional firms, Sue learned how to manage client marketing programs by working with some of the best, including Advil/Co-Advil, Dr Pepper/Diet Dr Pepper, KFC, Hardees, Papa John’s Pizza, Hertz and AT&T.

In 2004, she founded Superus, initially called The Marketeers, to provide the same high level of service and talent the big guys were getting to the growing companies that the bigger agencies either wouldn’t work with or passed off to their B-teams.

Those of us who work with Sue often open our inboxes to find emails from her sent at 2 in the morning. She’s all about our clients’ business 24/7. When you work with Sue, you can expect her to put your interests first, even if that means telling you something you don’t want to hear. That’s why clients trust Sue to do the right thing, even when that means taking a chance on something they’ve never done before.

“I want all of my clients to know that their business is my business. I never take their trust for granted and work hard everyday to make sure that I am making a difference. They need to say, at least once a week, ‘Boy, am I glad Sue is working here."