CT Darnell Construction

the product

From racks and buildings for Lumber and Building Materials (LBM) to full-service construction in and out of the LBM category.

the challenge

For almost 30 years, Sunbelt Rack enjoyed a solid reputation as a leading supplier of racks and rack-supported buildings in the LBM category. As they evolved and responded to clients’ needs, they developed an impressive full-service model that allowed them to expand beyond racks. From planning and design to ground-up construction, Sunbelt Rack was uniquely qualified to deliver a much more sophisticated offering. Unfortunately, the “rack” in their name – and the perception it conveys – proved to be a barrier to that growth.

the process

We went to the source. By personally interviewing a number of key customers, Superus was able to “get under the hood” and find out what really made Sunbelt Rack tick in the eyes of the folks that mattered most. It became evident that the real differentiator for Sunbelt Rack had very little to do with racks. Rather, it was their big-picture expertise and their uncanny ability to listen to their clients’ needs and respond with a home-run (and often unexpected) solution.

After vetting our qualitative feedback from both external and internal sources, we were able to sharpen positioning for the brand that included a new name and fresh visual identity.

the solution

Renamed after the third-generation builders (and brothers) Clint and Travis Darnell, CT Darnell Construction was born: a comprehensive single-source construction company capable of servicing multiple commercial channels building everything from retail stores and restaurants to truck stops and warehouses.

To avoid alienating its core, Sunbelt Rack was given a face-lift as well and subtly repositioned as an exclusive LBM product line of CT Darnell.

We tapped into the rich vein of testimonials readily available from their roster of satisfied customers and began the deliberate process of positioning CT Darnell Construction as a company that builds solutions – not just racks and the buildings that surround them. We also implemented a customer feedback mechanism that allows us to track real-time sentiment. By leveraging actual client experiences and stories, Superus is reinforcing CT Darnell as a customer-focused thought leader in their category in a real and meaningful way.

the result

This renaming and rebranding took place in late 2013, with story development and execution in the first half of 2014, so results are still pending. However, the authentic stories we’ve created so far have elicited multiple PR pick-ups and requests. Clients have responded favorably, and business is on the rise, particularly in the area of construction (and not just racks!).